NIPA Exhibition 2019

The NIPA Annual Exhibition is the culmination of our photography year.  


The overall intention of the Exhibition is to provide an opportunity to display a selection of images that best represents our club photography.  


When the judges pick the images for the Exhibition, they are always given instructions to select images which best represents NIPA and cover all photographic genres - landscapes, portraits, nature, sport, street, etc.  Only after they have made a selection do they then look at the selected images and pick the winners, etc.


We would really like to have a large number of our clubs in the represented in the Exhibition, but that is only possible if members from every club submit images.  Last years we attracted  551 entries from 88 members of 18 clubs. Approximately 150 images from 57 members of 15 clubs made up the Exhibition.  


We know from the results of this year's Top Print and PDI Competition, that there are worthy images available from ALL our clubs, and we would like to urge you to promote entry to the exhibition among your members.  We know that it costs slightly more to print and mount your images for the exhibition, but when you see it printed and mounted at 40cm x 50cm, you see the difference.



The subject is Open


Please note

All entrants must belong to a member club of NIPA


Closing Date: 7th June 2019


Entrants may submit up to 4 Monochrome prints, 4 Colour prints and 4 PDI’s.




  • Prints can be any size up to 50 x 40cm and must be mounted.

  • Mounts may be of any colour but must measure 50 x 40cm.

  • The back of the mount must show:

    • The author's name

    • The name of the author's club

    • The title of the print

  • A digital jpg version of each print (maximum 1600px x 1200px / sRGB colour space / max size 5MB) must be submitted using the online entry system.




  • All jpg images submitted must conform to the PDI definition as in Annex C of the competition rules (maximum 1600px x 1200px / sRGB colour space / max size 5MB).



Please use the online entry system to submit your images


Click here for the Competition Rules


The entry fee is £1.00 for each Print or PDI entered.


Prints or PDIs must not have been accepted in a previous NIPA Annual Exhibition.


Prints should be delivered (by arrangement) to Chelle McGaughey ( or Vittorio Silvestri (


Online Entry System

To access the online entry system entrants should login to the members area of this site. (Log in button top right corner). Those new to the system will need to sign up. Once registered and approved, select and complete your "User Profile" from the Log in Menu.

To access your exhibition entries select "NIPA exhibition 2019".