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NIPA Expense Claim

All fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory and the form will not submit if these are not completed. Fields with errors with be shown in red.


All Claims or Requests much be accompanied by receipts or invoices, please upload at the bottom of this form, keep originals until accounts are accepted at following AGM. Please categorise and give details for each claim, as an aid to reporting and budgeting.


Submitting this form will send details to the NIPA Treasurer. 

Example Claim Categories. Please use categories as listed and explain claim details (important).


Club Support (Inter-Club Adjudications)        AGM                            Judge Meal

Club Support (Inter-Club PAGB)                   Engraving                     Other

Novice Competition                                     Prizes / Medals

Roy Finlay Competition                                Travel / Mileage                               

Exhibition                                                   Website

Top Print & PDI                                              Stationery

Upload Receipt
Upload Receipt
Upload Receipt
Upload Receipt
Upload Receipt

Thank you. Your claim has been forwarded to the NIPA Treasurer.

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