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Interclub Competitions:

  • The competitions are organised by NIPA for its member clubs.  There are 3 competitions, one each for monochrome prints, colour prints and projected digital images (PDIs),

  • The competitions each incorporate a Principal and a novice section.  The NIPA novice definition applies.

  • The competitions take place over 5 rounds on a league basis.  In all rounds of the competitions a club may submit up to 4 mono prints, 4 colour prints and 4 projected digital images any of which may be by novices but not more than 3 of which by advanced members. 

  • In the Principal sections the number of points gained by each club in each round is the sum of the points awarded to the 3 highest placed entries.  The number of points gained by each club in each Novice section is the number of points awarded to the highest placed novice entry.

  • The winner of each section of each competition is the club with the highest cumulative number of points over the 5 rounds.

  • The top club of the year is the club whose total number of points gained in the principal sections of all three competitions is the highest.

  • Rules are on the NIPA Website here.

  • Entries for the competition are selected by clubs, by whatever method they choose, from the work of their individual members.



Interclub Top Print and PDI Competition:


In each round of each Inter-Club competition the top entries are awarded “stars”.  After Round 5 has taken place the top mono prints, the top colour prints and the top PDIs from the 5 rounds compete in the Top Print and PDI Competition. This is judged by an external judge invited by NIPA.



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