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The NIPA Archive

NIPA Archive

The NIPA Archive is a collection of 1746 started prints (colour and mono) held by the Association from the past 50 years. These prints have been digitally reproduced and are now online at the following link.

Unfortunately, there were no images from the early days of the Association, but there are images from 1970 to 2015 from 45 Camera clubs, some no longer in existence.

This entire body of images can be easily searched by simply typing a phrase in the Quick search box under the Menu section. For example, search all images by:

  1. Author: Will McCrum

  2. Club: Central Photographic Association

  3. Year: 1992

  4. Title: The Weir

If the searchable phrase is unique, part of it will do.


There are a subset of 50 images that are legacy images representing Northern Ireland, which were of interest to the Public Records Office NI (PRONI). These are on temporary loan with PRONI and can be easily accessed from this Archive by searching for PRONI.

NIPA 50th Celebration

A further subset of 100 prints were selected from the Archive as a representation of club photography from the past 50 years and to form an Archive Exhibition following our 50th Anniversary Celebrations on the 20th May. These can be accessed from this Archive by searching for "Archive Exhibition".

Multiple search phrases also work, for example: PRONI Vittorio, will return my images from the PRONI subset.

Click on the image above to link to the archive.

Vittorio Silvestri NIPA Archivist

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